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4 Costly Mistakes That Cause Fresh Graduates A Run Of Unemployment


Graduate and unemployed! It sounds really weird. But, it is a bitter reality in today’s labour market. Nowadays, these two words associate with each other. This is why, they are commonly heard together. No wonder so many online articles discuss this ‘issue’ more than any other topic. So, if you happen to be a victim of this awkward situation, then do not worry! You are one of the many graduates who have survived this phase.

When a fresh graduate is unemployed, there is a lot more than being just “bad luck”. It could be a matter of a wrong job or a wrong employer. You could be in the wrong place at the wrong time or you could be a victim of discrimination. There may be more factors in your particular case. But here we will only discuss common factors behind unemployment of fresh graduates.

1.    Lack Of Professional Connections

For a fresh graduate, it is not often easier to find valuable contacts to recommend a job or get recommended. This is absolutely okay if you have just passed out of college and searching for employment. But, if it is your tenth attempt for a job and you still have no connections, then you are not taking this issue seriously. A valuable connection not only guides you in right direction but also helps you step into a job easily. Employers are followers of technology. They are in a constant search for a common connection that can fit in a vacant position in his organisation.

Use social sites, such as LinkedIn, to capture attention of industry-specific professionals in order to gain professional mileage. When you are socially visible on these online spheres, you magnify your visibility. Ultimately, you are in reach of a prospective employer who shares common interests with you.

2.    Lack Of Talent Identification

Majority of fresh graduates blindly follow a field without first realising their own potential. Having a degree in ‘marketing’ does not necessarily mean that you cannot pursue a career in film direction. You can definitely do it if you have the passion in visual art and really think you can make a name in this field.

If you are excellent in something, it is meaningless to question its relevancy with your degree. Talent is not measured by degrees and certificates. It is an unquantifiable thing that is beyond parameters of worldly norms. Just take initiative and follow your dream. It is never too late to find your passion. It is just a matter of time and place.

3.    Lack Of Experience

Fresh graduates often do not have any practical experience of work. The lack of experience interrupts their job application and causes a significant delay in their employment.

If you have just passed your graduation and does have any previous experience, it is natural for an employer to not give you priority for a job. However, there are other more important things in your career portfolio that you can make up with your inexperience. As a starter, you can show your previous on-job training programs or internships that you have completed in your trade. You can even demonstrate your specific life experiences that make you perfect candidate for a job, if this is the case.

4.    Graduates Are Too Choosy About Their Jobs

Nowadays, graduates are too choosy about the job they pick. They expect the best salary figure, ideal location, flexible working hours and lenient work environment. When graduates demand so much perks and benefits, they end up losing an opportunity that could benefit them in the long run. Ultimately, they deprive themselves of the larger benefits that they could have availed in terms of professional exposure and career profile.

When you land a job interview, consider it as an opportunity to streamline your career success. Do not think about that mundane ‘zeros’ in salary or the trivial benefits. At this stage of your career, you should focus more on skills and professional experience that you can gain from an opportunity. Look into the professional values that an organisation has to offer you rather than salary package that will not do any good at this stage.

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