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5 Common Determinants Of Poor Academic Performance By College Students

While some students face no big hurdles in their college life and are able to give their undivided attention to improvement of academic performance, there are many others who struggle their way through college years due to problems they face in their personal and college life. Following are a few most common problems faced by students that you can read, relate and learn about the solutions to overcome your hurdles:


1.       Financial Problems

While students spend thousands of dollars on tuition fee alone, they often need to work part-time jobs to pay for other educational expenses. Such part-time jobs do not only snatch away their extra study time but also make them feel tired in classroom. Tiredness and worries regarding finances affect students more than any other thing while studying at college and distract them. So, it is wise to look out for scholarship programs and apply for the one you are eligible for.

2.       Peer Pressure

The presence and negative impacts of peer pressure are not just limited to elementary schools. Influence of bad company at college can be much greater than at school. So, make sure to become friends with the right people who can help you study and not run away from it if you really want to perform better and improve your grades at college.

3.       Lack Of Support

There are instances where students have no family support emotionally or financially and they have to manage everything on their own when they go for college education. So, try to convince your family about your goals and ambitions when you are applying for college in order to become confident about family’s support.

4.       Lack Of Motivation

Sometimes students get themselves enrolled in courses they are not much interested in, either due to pressure from family or when they fail to get admission in their desired course. In any case, it is mainly the lack of motivation which doesn’t let them succeed. If you want to overcome this hurdle, find out about the pros of subjects you are studying and give in your 100% efforts to achieve success.

5.       Study Habits

Even in presence of sound financial condition and support from family, some students may find acquisition of academic success challenging because of their poor study habits. Sometimes students are used to of laid back attitude and procrastination when they join college after a long break and eventually fail to form an effective study schedule even when needed.

What students in general fail to realize is that college education needs much more attention and dedication than that of high school. So, you need to take study time at home seriously and make a workable study schedule if you really want to improve your results in college.

Besides all these factors, they are many other things that influence academic performance of students on various levels. Being a student, achieving success can become an impossible task if you get caught up by these factors and make no efforts to overcome. So, make sure to identify all negative factors that influence your academic performance and eliminate them by taking appropriate measures.


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