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“The importance of assignments in academic life”

when we enter school, realizing that studies will help us achieve big careers , we gradually drink every bitter sip the ocean of learning has to offer. why we do that is because it helps us advance towards the bigger success. There are so many kids who literally hate going to school and more than that “homework” is what gives them a migraine. They just cannot handle the pressure of writing an assignment.

They might even digest the idea of attending classes for 5 hours and scribbling notes on and off but “homework and assignment” are still nightmares. i have often seen kids asking their parents the purpose of assignments. They believe exams and assignments shall be eradicated from the school curriculum. Basically they can not comprehend the importance of these assessment tools.

As for exams are concerned, they let the instructor evaluate a child’s performance so that  deficiencies can be corrected. Same goes for assignments, just as high school and university life begins, students are provided with certain  projects , usually at the end or mid of semester . Here again students loathe the idea of working on these tasks themselves and search the internet for some help or simply benefit from online writing services for cheap prices.

for all those students who believe writing an assignment is of no use need to sift through these three points before giving any verdict:

1. practice and active participation: why a student hates one subject in particular? it is obvious that either his grades weren’t good or probably the teacher is not a mind blowing one or may be he has some number phobia when it comes to math , physics and calculus. The important thing is that he/she can not skip it , so why waste time in peeking here and there for any kind of aid, why not give it a try. If one really puts in some effort understanding the subject he/she may end up liking it. Assignments can be the start up, they let you do some research which will for sure reveal to you some thing of your interest in the subject. Practice and participation, even a tiny bit will help provoke new insights .

2.  A trailer for the practical world: what ever you do in your student life is a  mirror that shows  you the practical side of the theory you study for so many years. One can always take some ideas before stepping into the realities of professional world. Take for instance those assignments that require  thorough research and physical visits to places for interviews etc. This all havoc gives you a clear idea as to what happens in the practical world, so that you may feel not like aliens when  after graduation you end up in a real office environment.

3. improvement of interpersonal skills: By interpersonal skills i not only mean interacting with group mates and colleagues but also does it refer to communication with teachers and evaluation committee members. Through the entire duration of this assignment a student comes in contact with various individuals . He learns to enhance his communication skills by making a web of contacts that may be helpful for his upcoming life. If it is a team project it turns out to be more helpful. Teams bring about in you leadership skills and let you focus more on goals and objective meanwhile increasing efficiency.

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