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Appearing Well in an Interview Over a Video-call

Online interview

In old days when there was no concept of video calling, the only way to conduct interviews was to have it face to face. Having face to face interviews is still more popular and preferred in today’s time, but with the changes in technology, the concept of conducting an interview online, through online video-calling, has now made its way deeply in the society.

Now if a company is in another city or country, then it is preferred strongly to conduct second interview through Skype. This way the company needs to make sure if they are right on deciding to have you onboard. This practice is also followed if someone hires you as a freelance writer.

Appearing for the interview over Skype needs all the things prepared just like you need it for an interview in-person. While many people think that an interview over Skype doesn’t need any preparations and you can give an interview in your random t-shirts and jeans style. If you think like that, then be sure that you are going to fail this interview.

While giving an interview over Skype, make sure you are dressed up nicely and settled down in a clean and a well-lit room.

Giving an interview face to face in person can be a lot stressful for many people out there. Even the Skype interviews would be full of anxiety for many as they feel shy in appearing on the camera. But you can overcome this anxiety just by making other things alright.

Learn to Know the Software:

That is up to your interviewer that which software they would choose for the interview and you can’t really deny using that particular software, only because you are not aware about its functionalities. It will be a negative point.

The company will message you all the interview details prior to the date and will surely specify through which medium they would like to have an interview. So, instead of giving them silly excuses of not knowing about the software, try to get familiar with it.

Install the latest version of the software and read all the features and functionalities of it. Then after knowing it, practice it by calling your friends or any of your siblings to just make sure you are comfortable with it.

Arrange Good Hardware:

If you are using a personal desktop computer then make sure you have arranged all the hardware(s) properly. That includes, a good resolution camera that should be fixed properly at the top of your screen, so your employer can have a nice view of you, excellent headphones along with a mic should be there.

If you are using a laptop then be sure of the sound quality. Your built in camera can be of good resolution, but usually the built in microphone can’t provide good voice quality. So, it is better that you have a fine quality headset rather than missing a lot what you have been questioned.

Strong Connectivity:

Make sure you have good internet connection, that doesn’t break down in between of the interview.

Choose a Better Place to Sit:

Even though it is a video interview and you feel pretty much at ease, but you still have to choose a proper place even at home to avoid interruptions by family. Having an interview over a video at home can suddenly turn the whole situation into an embarrassment.

Choose a proper place, it should be clean and well-lit (as mentioned above) and more importantly keep your children or your pets out of reach of that room.

Pick a Sophisticated User Name:

People often keep nick names that sound cool and stylish. But you need to avoid such names while giving a professional interview. You may create another new account just for professional and official purposes.

Giving an interview online over a video can’t be that easy if you compare it with the face to face interview. Just like the physical interview, you do extra preparations; you must be well-prepared for this one as well to get a sound career.

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