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We have so far covered topics related to data structure subject such as:

  • Primitive Data
  • Non Primitive types-It is the extension of the primitive data types. It can further divided into Array, List and Files. List are of two types
  • Linear Algebra and Algorithm charts
  • Stack-It is a linear data structure in which insertion and deletion takes place from the top of the stack. It is also called FIFO list.
  • Array application- all sorts of cell arrangements and memory related numerical have been solved by our professionals.
  • Pointer implementation-it's a sort of complex data formation
  • QUEUE-It is also called LIFO list in which the insertion takes place from the REAR and deletion takes place from the FRONT end.
  • Tree- A tree is an example of a nonlinear data structure.
  • Graph representation is also been assisted by our professionals including 2 and 3 dimensional graphs.
  • Bubble, Selection, Insertion, Shell sorts and Sequential, Binary, Indexed Sequential

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