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Seven Career Mistakes You Make In Your Early Twenties


There are a few mistakes that people in their early twenties make along their career path which they later regret in their lives. We are listing them below so that you know when and how to avoid them for a better road to success:

1.       You Work A Lot by Staying Late At the Office

As soon as you get into a full-time job, you try to impress people at work by staying late at work for no reason at all. Avoid doing so, as you are not doing anyone a favor, but rather giving others an opportunity to take you for granted.

2.       You Keep Working At a Job That You Hate

If there is a job that you hate, don’t keep working at it just because it is paying you enough to support yourself. A job that you hate would bring down your morale, confidence and self-esteem, so it’s best to quit and find better opportunity while you are at it.

3.       You Give Up On an Opportunity Due To Under-Qualification

Suppose you come across a job which requires more qualifications than you currently have; don’t give up on the opportunity by not applying at all. It could be possible that your relevant experience and job skills make up for the lost under-qualification.

4.       You Do Not Pay Attention to Network Connections

Grades do not matter as much as your network connection and professional development. Try to pay more attention to professional development programs, internships and network connections so that you have a strong background to your respective field.

5.       You Don’t Dress Properly

Presentation can play a lot of part in your career development, and dressing properly is a significant matter within any work environment. If you want to land a strong impression, do so by dressing the part properly.

6.       You Wait For Your Dream Job to Come To You

Dream jobs don’t fall out of sky into laps; you have to work at them relentlessly. If you want a job that you love, you need to contact your favorite organisation, talk to them, ask them what they require and then go for it. Work at improving your job skills so that you become a perfect candidate for the job.

7.       You Don’t Ask Enough for Money

You don’t negotiate enough for money at your job interview so you end up working at a lower salary than your other colleagues at the same position. Try to discuss a better salary option at the beginning so that you don’t feel bad later.

Avoid these tips and look out for the mistakes that may cost you your job, and you will be performing better in your career path in no time. Are there any other mistakes that you think people make in their early twenties that need to be avoided? Let us know in the comment section below!

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