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Learn To Develop Exceptional Study Skills With 6 Easy Tips!

Study skills

The most common advice people give to improve the study skills is to study alone in a room, but only sitting in quieter environments does not ensure a productive study time. You need to take care of a lot more things if you need to really put your head in studies and get good grades. Take a look at the following six tips that are really the key to develop exceptional study skills:

1.       Eliminate All Kinds Of Distractions

Not just it is compulsory to sit and study in a peaceful environment, the most important thing is to remove all the distractions around you. Turn of your radio and TV, put your cell phone on silent, sit in a room faraway from an infant’s room or a TV lounge, etc. Not to forget, you need to keep your laptops shut down during the study hours, except if you are using educational tools for e-learning for studying purposes. Human brain gets very easily distracted, and so you must get rid of all such distractions before you sit for studies.

2.       It’s All About Organising Your Time

And good time management is the most important thing when it comes to studies. You need to:

  •  Come up with a realistic study schedule
  • Schedule your daily tasks according to your study timings
  • Make up for the study hours, if missed
  • Give yourself regular breaks during long study hours
  • Avoid procrastination at all costs
  • Work towards your deadlines
  • Re-assess your study schedule and stick to it

3.       First Things First- Work On Your Reading Skills

Do you really want to improve your study skills? Well, you need to develop excellent reading skills first. Students continue to receive tough reading assignments with the advancement in classes and degrees. In order to keep up with the complex reading materials, students must work really hard to acquire critical reading skills. They should learn how to read in order to absorb the key information from the text.

4.       Do Not Pull All-Nighter

Do you really think you can develop or even improve your study skills by staying up all night? All-nighters are never healthy for anyone, especially for students. Students need to get good amount of sleep in order to study with full focus and concentration.  Not only an all-nighters leaves you exhausted from lack of sleep but they also reduce the chances of remembering something that you may have learned.

5.       Start With The Subject You Find The Toughest

It always works! If you find studying Chemistry or Physics very tough, then you definitely need to start your studying session with it. You would feel the calm and freshness of your brain as soon as you are done with a tough subject first. You can later on continue with the easier subjects, that too with a relaxed mind.

6.       Ask Yourself The ‘Who, What, Why, When’ Questions

Study a paragraph, and ask yourself the ‘who, what, why, when’ questions regarding its text. The entire text would start to make much more sense after such questions. The process of questioning yourself also leaves an impression on your mind which later on helps you to remember what you studied.

Learning how to develop the study skills can be quite tough for a lot of students but following just a few simple tips like mentioned above can actually bring a difference in your grades.

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